A personal statement is a personal essay that is written when applying for a college, scholarship, or a job. It is an essential part of the resume because of the role it plays in convincing the recruiter that the applicant is the best candidate for a particular position. The important feature of a personal statement is to reflect on the personality, qualifications and skills of a candidate. A personal statement concerns whether you will be able to add value to the organization if hired. This can be your only chance to convince the employer to consider you for the chosen position. Worry no more as we are here with the expert tips to write a personal statement that makes you stand out.

How to start a personal statement

The first part of your personal statement should be quite compelling to get the attention of the recruiter at first glance. You must be aware of the words you use while writing this part of your personal statement; you need to use the words that are compelling and that provoke the need to know more about the recruiter’s path.

  • Your job/course titles. If none or if you area recent graduate, you can include the degree obtained.
  • The number of years of experience you have gainedfrom your previous jobs.
  • Particular expertise or skill that you have.

You can always use words that convey a positive outlook that will give your recruiter an idea of ​​your personality. Your personal statement requires to be written professionally and concisely. If there is so much information, the reader will skim through whereas lack of information may not convince your potential employer.

How to writea personal statement for a job

It is important to note that a personal statementmust always be personalized and adapted to the specifications of the job forwhich you are applying. This does not mean that you will always have to rewriteyour personal statement each time. You can simply use your discretion to makethe necessary changes so that it meets the requirements of the job and modifyit accordingly.

How to write a personal statement forcollege

Writing a personal statement for a college is different from that you write for a job. Before you start writing a personal statement for a college, think about the core strength of the course you have chosen. Describe the reasons that made you choose this course and show that you are excited and passionate to follow this course. You need to support your interest in the course with the evidence that you meet the criteria. Be sure to answer the questions provided before focusing on anything else.

Tips forWriting a Personal Statement

You can submit oneof the best personal statements by following these tips:

  • Know your target audience

Your personal statement that is part of your resumerequires to be specific to your job. It is advisable to do proper research onthe company or a venture before applying for the job. Go through the jobdescription correctly to have an idea of ​​what the company requires in a candidate. Alwayschange or improve your resume when you apply for a new position.

  • Make a list

When you find out what the recruiter wants, make alist of the requirements and an additional list of your qualifications. Youshould compare and contrast for both, know what skills you have among therequirements and then tailor your personal statement to counter-attack on thatskill. You can also list some of your achievements in your personal statement;that would give you an advantage. For instance, you can write I am familiarwith Adobe Photoshop or I have beginner level Photoshop skills.

  • Explain to the recruiter why you are perfect for the position

Your personal statement is meant to convince therecruiter that you are the right fit for the job. Mention relevant qualificationsand work experience you have acquired so far. Use easy-to-understand words thatcan convey your message.

  • Write a draft and modify

When writing a personal statement, you must first write a projectlisting all the requirements, your skills, your academic qualifications, and tastes.You do not have to worry about the length of the personal statement while doingthis. After writing everything, you need to review it, read it again to correctany errors.

  • Choose a Tense and Stick to it

Your personal statement can be written at anymoment, but you must strive to be consistent in using the selected tension fromstart to finish. Another thing to keep in mind is that if you can write in thefirst person, you should try not to overuse the word “I” and stick toone tense.

These are some ofthe tips on how to write apersonal statement that will take you one-step ahead of your dream job.An important tip is to attach your resume with the personal statement so yourpotential employer can have an idea of your educational background, grades andyour skills.